37+ Teen Bedroom Ideas To Make The Most Of Their Decor

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Since we know it’s not easy for most parents to find the ideal teen bedroom ideas to make all parties happy, to get you started on creating the perfect, inspiring bedroom for your young adults, we’re considering decorator cues to bring a sense of life and style into their daily lives.

The best way to get started on brainstorming teen bedroom ideas is to think of the things that your teen truly loves. Put yourself in your teen’s shoes and take a look at their bedroom and world through their perspective.

Teenagers tend to have different views than adults, so you shouldn’t expect them to immediately like the bedroom ideas that you have in mind, so explore options with them in a way that will get them started on approaching décor at a young age. You need to also remember that your child’s bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a place where they study and relax after a rigorous day at school. For inspiration in decorating your teen’s bedroom, take note of these intriguing teen bedroom ideas from the team at Official Artur Davis.

Fairy Drapes

Source: cosmopolitan.gr

For a touch of magic in everyday life, look no further than fairy lights. Twined through sheer drapes, the tiny twinkling bulbs give a room an ethereal feel that’s sure to delight. The delicate glow can help to brighten a space without feeling too intrusive, and the enchanted aesthetic pairs well with just about any design style that a typical floor or table lamp might overpower or feel incongruous in. In warm white, they’ll provide a pleasant radiance that can transform a more austere room into a cheerful wonderland.

Coordinate Colors

Source: archzine.fr

Different styles of furniture and fabrics find themselves part of a cohesive whole in this room thanks to the choice of colors. A gray rug over hardwood floors gives a homey, comfortable feel and, paired with the matching gray of the walls, creates a neutral base on which to build the rest of the space. The small nook is utilized to its fullest as study space with a framed corkboard that reaches almost the ceiling, providing organization opportunities and the ability to add personal touches in a way that doesn’t feel cluttered. Complementary colors complete the ensemble, with teal and salmon accents abounding, even extending to the pale teal ceiling. A paper flower chandelier tops off the retro chic space, beautifully curated and sure to please any girl.

Come Up With a Subtle Theme


Like throwing a fun party, decorating a room can feel a lot easier when you have a theme guiding you. And there are plenty of ways to do this without making it feel cheesy. For example, the bedroom above turns surfboards into wall art while sticking to a coastal color palette. While it incorporates a passion into the décor to personalize the space, it doesn’t feel childish in the slightest. This is thanks to the crisp bedding, regal ikat throw pillows, traditional sconces, and clean-lined bedframes.

Opt For Large-Scale Art and Swap Out Bedding


If your kids share a room, or you invested in smaller bedframes when they were younger but you don’t want to splurge for something larger, you can still make it work. Dress up the room with large-scale wall art to make the space feel more mature, and bring your teen into the conversation when selecting it. This way, they’ll be able to participate in the design process in a low-touch but meaningful way that makes the room feel more grown-up and personal to them. It’s also easy to swap out textiles and bedding, so letting them choose the colors and patterns that reflect their style is another good way to make simple updates.

Stick to the Basics and Find Smart Storage


Not all teenagers want kitschy posters and bright colors dominating in their bedrooms. Sometimes simple and sweet does the trick. And while the dainty, laid-back linens and use of organic shapes and materials capture our eye the most in this timeless bedroom, the real hero is the smart use of storage space. If you or your child is someone who thrives in calming, well-organized spaces, clever storage that keeps things clutter-free and aesthetically clean is key. Think triple-tiered side table or wall units and vertical solutions like floating shelves and hooks.

Create a Clubhouse Feel


If you have the space and means to transform your teenager’s bedroom into a makeshift clubhouse, take note from the room above. The built-in storage cubbies and desk make it a practical workspace, while the lofted section is perfect for hanging out with friends and unwinding. Even if you don’t have a loft situation, you can create a similar feel with a hanging hammock chair, plush area rugs, and kid-friendly furniture.

Reuse Timeless Pieces and Add Youthful Accents


If you invest in timeless pieces, you’ll be able to repurpose them again and again, breathing new life and personality into them each time. For example, this classic bed frame could be suit a younger child, too, it just takes a little creativity and swapping out accent pieces and bedding that feel age-appropriate.

Then, when they grow up and want a space that feels mature, it can be styled in a new way. The fun bubble-like pendant light also adds some fun personality, yet it’s also functional and out of the way, which feels right for a teenager who appreciates style but wants a clean, serious design aesthetic.

Inspiring Ideas for Teenage Dream Rooms


With a heavy school load and an even busier social schedule, teens have a lot on their plate. Creating a safe, stress-free haven where your teenage son or daughter can knock out their to-do list and spend time with their friends is a great way to help keep them on track, but designing a space that is both practical and stylish can be harder than it looks.

Boho Chic

Lady Scorpio

Rocking the new Boho Chic, this arty space featured on Lady Scorpio sets layer upon layer on rich and cozy textiles against a clean minimalist background, creating a teenage dream room that’s as cozy as it is cool.

Accent Lighting


A string of twinkling accent lights adds a warm and glowy ambiance while doubling as a place to pin up pictures, postcards and other treasures in this modern pink and grey teen room seen of Arch-Zine.

A Room that Rocks

Urbanology Designs

This clean-cut teen room by Urbanology Designs keeps things simple, rocking its music-loving theme without danger of seeming too cutesy or over-the-top.

Scandinavian Beauty

Marzena Marideko/Instagram

This minimalist Instagram find blends Nordic and bohemian traditions, incorporating soft textures, twinkle lights, a cozy floor bed, and an oh-so-Boho macramé swing. It’s a comfortable, lived-in look that’s perfect for a busy teen.


A beach theme evokes the ultimate relaxing feeling making it a viable option when considering the best bedroom ideas to take cues from for your teenager’s bedroom. This is also perfect for teenagers who love going to the beach often. Start by painting the wall in the shades of turquoise, powder blue, and white to evoke beachside recreation.

Accessorize with decorative shells, surfboards, and other coastal themed extras. There are also beach-inspired wall coverings in case your child doesn’t want neutral-hued walls for their bedroom.


As most teenagers are obsessed with pop stars and glamorous acts, consider incorporating hints of Hollywood glamor for their teen bedroom ideas. However, this theme is not only about decorating with pin-ups or photos of their favorite pop stars.

Incorporate eye-catching colors in their bedroom and let them decorate their walls with poppy with posters and wall hangings that evoke their ever-changing tastes. And do encourage your teen to suggest their own room decor ideas to make this theme come alive.


Most teens love the bohemian lifestyle and would prefer to follow the same look for their bedroom. In fact, the bohemian theme is one of the most popular girls bedroom ideas we’re often asked to conceive. And since boho themes are rich in color, we suggest bringing in bright-colored and patterned linens, curtains, rugs, and vibrant pillows.

The furnishings in a boho bedroom usually include rattan ottomans and distressed pieces for room decor ideas that are luxe and layered.


Another smart approach to decorating your teen’s bedroom is to consider their favorite colors. If your child loves a shade of yellow, then a cherry yellow may be a great lead to follow and though gender-neutral, it also works for girls bedroom ideas. However, we suggest using caution when going for over-saturated tones for your child’s bedroom.

If you overdo the use of yellow or a bright hue, this could damper the overall ambiance of the space and they may tire of it quicker. Tone down bright colors by painting the lower third portion of their walls in white for a striking contrast and pull in additional accent colors via curtains, linens, and décor.


Girls often tend to request a variety of lively color for their bedroom. So if you’re seeking girls room ideas for inspiration, make it colorful and functional. If you do go for bold hues, be sure you pair them with white bedding, furniture, and accessories which should make for a chic and cozy retreat for your teenage girl to feel comforted in.

There are also savvy ways to improve the functionality of your child’s bedroom without sacrificing style. Our designers suggest hanging a wall-mounted TV that will blend with a gallery wall to create a look that is both functional and stylish.

Colorful Teen Girl’s Bedroom

via hannahblackmorephotography.com

Colorful bedroom for teen girl. It’s really awesome.​

Turquoise And Pink

via www.homebunch.com

Bright color combination and perfect decor ideas​

Nice room for a teenager

via www.designrulz.com

Nice room for a teenager. Small teen girls’ bedroom design with style.​

Vintage Inspired Teen Girl’s Bedroom

via www.designrulz.com

Ruffled bedding in a muted lavender hue adorns the ornate wrought iron bed in this enchanting girl’s bedroom. A frilled light fixture complements the bedding, and crisp white walls lend a bright, fresh feeling to the room.​

Dark Paint Color

via jeanneoliverdesigns.com

Love the look of dark rooms, but feel a little intimidated about painting one of your own? Dark paint colors don’t always have to be daunting.

String Light Photos

Source: jucatunda.com

Since most of us aren’t pinning up the washing anymore, clothespins have found a new function in the form of holding up photos. This particular rendition of clothesline photo hangers swaps the jute or twine for paper globe lights, creating a bright and lively eye-catching photo display that has the capability for constant evolution as you add to it over the years. The sweet and meaningful piece of artwork is a fantastic way to brighten up an otherwise dark corner of a room that has no space for a floor or table lamp as well, a trendy and useful choice. String lights have seen a surge in popularity, making for a great variety of styles with a fit for just about every aesthetic.

Simple and Inspiring

Source: houseofroseblog.com

Girly doesn’t necessarily need to mean ruffles and dolls, and for the more minimalist teen, elegant and classy can read just as feminine as frills and bows. This modern room is rife with geometric and animal prints, clean lines, warm colors, pretty little things, and a delicate touch to perfectly convey its feminine allure. Some princesses are more understated, and this space flawlessly evokes feelings of timeless royalty— like Princess Diana or Kate Middleton channeled into a brilliant and refined design.

Blue Diamonds

Source: 8mcdo.com

Not typical of teen girl room ideas, this design makes use of a mixture of girlish prints to turn the normally masculine blue into a serene feminine oasis. The choice of blue makes the room feel tranquil, while the pops of bright pinks add interest to an otherwise monochrome design. The mix and match of patterns creates many attractive focal points; every aspect of the space gets in on the fun with a diamond accent wall and exotic printed vases and picture frames. The inclusion of plants ties in a natural element, adding to the invoked feelings of calmness and making the space feel alive.

Built-in Combinations

Source: blog.nest-studio-home.com

A great space saving solution to avoid a cramped bedroom is to construct custom-fit built-in alternatives to modular desks and armoires. This quaint white construction combines a bookshelf, desk, and window seat, sacrificing a bit of square footage for a clean and cohesive design that leaves tons of floor space and makes the space feel open and bright. The choice of solid white makes it easy to decorate with a bevy of bright colors, a pairing that is bold and invigorating. Another eye-catching addition comes in the form of wallpapering the back of the desk, a great way to incorporate lively prints in an unusual location.

Oversized Art

Source: mundoderhayssa.com

Capture the essence of your teenager’s big and bold spirit with an art piece that demands attention. A short, unassuming headboard paired with a wall-filling metallic artwork draws the eye immediately and is very in vogue. Pile on the pillows in an assortment of patterns and neutral shades to cement the bed as a focal point, then glam it up with pops of pink and shiny metallics. You’re left with a bed that looks extremely lush and glamorous, captivating to the eye and setting a trendy precedent for the rest of the room to be designed around.

Sweet and Refined

Source: kadincasayfa.com

For the teen girl with room ideas that are more classically feminine, this design is sure to wow. A gentle, tasteful angelic theme pervades the space. Soft, flowy drapes surround the bed, turning it into a heavenly paradise. The mostly white color palette is made more warm and feminine with subtle pinks and creams, topped with a dusty rose settee.

A feathery dark purple lamp shade brings a flair of drama, giving the space a modern touch without looking out of place. Angel wings hung above the bed perfectly convey the theme, while quaint picture frames in woods and whites bring this aesthetic back down to earth. A showy but not ostentatious crystal chandelier makes for a sublime light source, the icing on this celestial cake.

Light pink and grey bedroom for teenage girls. Decorate the wall with paper butterflies in pastel colors, the framed wall art, a white round decorative mirror in right size.
via House of Turquoise
Coral, turquoise and cream white…all the favorite colors for teens, and they go with each other so well and turn out to be so beautiful in this bedroom. The turquoise patterned wallpaper gives more fresh look and the window seat…Love all these without a reason!
via House of Turquoise
Coral and turquoise themed bedroom design for teenage girls. Bedroom and workplace just in one room. Functional and beautiful as its own. The pandent… Love it in my room!
via Two Thirty-five Designs
Pottery barn teen girl bedroom with wooden wall arrows. Budget-friendly choice for a chic bedroom decor with this DIY wooden wall arrows. Easy and fun to make at home. Learn the DIY instructions and make your own one.
Airy and girly bedroom design that is perfect for teen girls. Simple but so elegant and gorgeous wall decor above the bed.

Welcome Pops of Color and Versatile Pieces


Though everything in this room looks thoughtfully curated and would work well in an adult bedroom on its own, together, it all looks youthful and playful. This is thanks to the pops of color that punctuate the classic bedframe and stylish accent chair.

Maximize Space and Elevate Bunkbeds

If you’re looking for ways to make bunk beds feel grown up, take note from the room above. Building them into the wall also opens up the usable floor space a bit more so they feel comfortable hanging out in there for things aside from sleeping. Bunk beds are also a wise space-saving option if your teenager doesn’t have another area to hang out in and unwind by themselves since it opens up the space for things like desks or a hangout zone with a sofa.

On the Record

Cote De Texas

Framed record albums make for excellent wall art in this music-themed teen room seen on Cote De Texas. The subtle emphasis on texture and pattern give the room a rich and layered look that contrasts nicely with the cool, industrial ambience.

Beanbag Bonus Seating

from Dekoration 7/24

A pair of comfortable, low profile beanbag chairs placed at the bottom of the bed offer flexible seating in this teenage boy’s room.

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