37+ Master Bathroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation


Creating the best master bathroom ideas would require a lot of efforts. You need to know that there is a lot of things that you need to consider. Choosing for the best material options is the first factor that you need to think about if you want to have a good result at the end of the decoration.

It would be fantastic if you can have a master bathroom that is comforting for you to use. Before you are thinking about the best design, it would be better if you are looking for examples. That can give you a new inspiration before started to decorate your bathroom with a new concept.

The use of fantastic paint color can help you to decorate your master bathroom. However, it would depend on you whether you can have a tremendous result or not, with the help of a new lighting color that you can use. There is a lot of people having a fantastic effect after considering the essential factor to have a unique design.

Dreamy Master Bathroom Design

by Seana Yates

It would be fantastic if your master bathroom ideas consist of luxurious furniture. The picture above is an example that you can always have proper options by choosing for the best furniture in your bathroom. You can use calming color to have the best result in your bathroom design before you regret.

The Wall Color is Sleepy Blue 6225

by John Rogers Renovations

The cabinets are Eggwhite 6364. The ceiling is also Sleepy Blue 6225 but at 25% saturation. All colors are Sherwin Williams. The countertops are Cedar Brown marble with a French ogee. The X-Base vanity stool was sourced from Wisteria. The light fixtures above the mirrors are from Restoration Hardware, while the chandelier is from Pottery Barn. Clarissa Glass Drop Small Round Chandelier.

Transitional Master Bathroom

by Valerie Wilcox

Using a bathtub in your bathroom must be the best idea. There is a lot of people using a bath hub for their bathroom design. The use of marble floor and wall decoration is one of the perfect ideas that you can use. There is a lot of people using this concept and having a good result.

Master Bathroom With Wood Cabinets

by Hawksview Homes

Maybe you already understand, the use of wooden bathroom vanity is not only good for minimalist design. You can see the picture above, by using wooden bathroom vanity in master size, you can always have a comfortable design. You will never regret the result after using this design for your bathroom concept.

Spa Style Master Bathroom

by Brandon Barre

Creating a bathroom concept is not an easy way to do. You can always feel comfortable by changing your room with new refreshment. The picture above is an example that you can still have perfect master bathroom ideas. You can use calming wall decoration, to make sure that you always feel comfortable.

Tuscan Master Bathroom

by Dino Tonn

Once you see the picture above, maybe you think that there is a perfect Middle Eastern style for your bathroom. It is not a wrong perspective that you can use for your bathroom. However, there is a lot of people understand that they can have a new model with glamour concept for their bathroom design.Feminine Traditional Master Bathroom

by Miller & Miller Real Estate

It would be great if you can have vintage master bathroom ideas for your house. You can see from the example above, the use of perfect color can be excellent for new bathroom design. You can always feel comfortable inside this bathroom concept for a new refreshment in your house.

The Wall Color is Benjamin

by ANDARINA STUDIO interior design

The wall color is Benjamin Moore Dreamy Cloud, 2117-70. The towel holder is from Rohl, while the towels are by Yves Delorme, in the color “Glycine”. The window shade fabric is by Lee Jofa.

Classic Master Bathroom

by Zillow

Creating a closet in your bathroom must be the best idea that you can apply. There is a lot of advantages that you are going to have by using this concept. It must be easy for you to do everything at the same times when you want to use this concept for your bathroom design.

Eclectic Master Bathroom

by One Kind Design

Master bathroom ideas must have something unique that can make it look different. That is why choosing the best concept before trying to use a new design is the best idea to prepare. You need to know what kind of style you are going to use before applying a new design.

Contemporary Master Bathroom

by Abbey Carpets Unlimited

Once you see the picture above, you must have a lot of inspiration in your mind to have the same style. The use of oriental design for your bathroom is one of the best ideas that you can apply. You will always have the best result after having a new decoration using this unique style for your bathroom concept.

Scandinavian Master Bathroom

by Hunter Holder

There’s something wonderfully comforting about this master bathroom by Hunter Holder, via Houzz. It could be the warm wooden cabinets, the colorful rug, or the green plan in the corner; but whatever it is, it works.

This bathroom features typical Scandinavian style: minimal contemporary style with warm, homey touches. The light fixture is especially interesting, as its shape contrasts the square, angular furniture. The herringbone mosaic tile brings movement to the whole

Traditional Master Bathroom With Chandelier

by Entirely Eventful Day

Having a desire to create rustic bathroom design is one of the hard choices. You need to make sure if you can have a good concept before decorating your new bathroom. The first thing that you need to consider is the use of the bathroom floor. You can change your old bathroom by using wooden floor design that must be comforting.

Soaking in Luxury

by Soaking in Luxury

There is a lot of bath hub model that you can use when you want to create a master bathroom design — one of the examples coming from the picture above. With the use of the classic bath hub design that you can apply to your bathroom, that must be comforting and relaxing for you.

Easy Living

by Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey

Before you are thinking about the best furniture concept, you need to make sure if you can have the best wall design for your bathroom. If you can see from the picture above, by using marble wall decoration, you can have a perfect master bathroom. You can choose a calming color for comfortable use.

Warmed by Wood

by Barbara Westbrook

There is a lot of people choosing to have wooden bathroom vanity that must be comforting for you to use it. Creating a new design for your bathroom is essential if you want to have new refreshment. The rustic bathroom would be fantastic if you can combine with another style such as modern bathroom design.

White on White

by Barbara Westbrook

If you cannot use the real brick for your bathroom design, it is not a big deal that you can solve. There is a lot of people using brick wallpaper for their bathroom design. It must be a perfect combination if you can use this concept inside of your modern bathroom.

Blue-and-White Bliss

by Danielle Rollins and Bill Ingram

Having a lot of budgets is an advantage that you can have. The use of a glamour bathroom concept can be better with a unique idea on your bathroom. There is a lot of people think that the use of a glamour bathroom can only be coming from the use of expensive furniture, with perfect curtain design.

Patterned Floor

by Kerry Mccafetty

Not only coming from the use of furniture inside of your bathroom that can give a good impact. You can try to apply another floor concept that can help you to have a new design that must be comforting. If you cannot find the best options, the bathroom design above can be a better choice for you.

Floral Bathroom

by Chrishtoper Sturman

If you have no experience to decorate your bathroom, it is the right time for you to see for the best examples. You can take a look at the picture above, with the use of perfect rug color for your bathroom design. You can use a large rug model, that can create a charming decoration.

Fresh Whites

by Ngoc Minh Ngo

The use of vintage style in the picture above can be excellent if you can use it for your bathroom. There is a lot of people choosing to have a white color for their bathroom concept. You can make sure if you will have a good result, after knowing your bathroom size.

Glam Bathroom

by Nathan Kirkman

You need to know that the use of chandelier ideas in your bathroom can help you to have the best design. You can see to the picture above when you have a perfect chandelier design you can always have an excellent concept for your bathroom. The use of color options can also determine the best result.

Coastal Bathroom

by David Stay

Cottage style must be better to use when you have a great ocean view from your bathroom. The good example coming from the picture above that is using wooden furniture for the bathroom design. You can use white color as one of the best options to make sure a great result.

Tropical Bathroom

by Matthew Hranex

It would be fantastic if you can put a simple flower decoration for your bathroom. A master bathroom needs something unique that can make it look perfect for a better result. You can make sure that you will always have a great decoration using flower design in your bathroom the same as the picture above.

Cottage Bathroom

by Maura Mcevoy

It will never be a wrong idea if you want to use vintage style today. There is a lot of people in the modern age using an old-style for their house. You can also do the same things for your bathroom concept using vintage style. Do not forget to use a calming color that can make you comfortable.

An 1980s Bathroom

by Kandrac & Kole Interior Design

If you are checking the picture above, you can always find a different sensation from each side of the bathroom. That is why you can apply the same concept with your bathroom style by using this concept. There is a lot of people using a new design by combining a different method for the best result.

The Floor Tiles

by via Square Footage Inc

There is always be the best result when you are using marble design for your bathroom. The use of marble can make you feel comfortable with new refreshment. There is a lot of people using this design for a new concept that they can apply for their bathroom style that must be comfortable.

The Freestanding Tub

by via Friedman & Shields

A perfect bathroom style is not only coming from the best furniture price. It would be better if you can find an ideal color that can be matching with your bathroom interior design. That is why there is a lot of people trying to use a new concept by using primary color for the best result at the end of decoration.

A Modern Master Bedroom

by Ammirato Construction

Living inside of farmhouse interior design will always be amazing. You can feel a lot of different feeling when you are staying inside your bathroom. The use of farmhouse design is one of the options for you to spend your life in a perfect place. You can find a lot of amazing furniture that can be matching with your bathroom design.

The Countertop

by Studio KB

Choosing to have a calming color is not a wrong decision. You can always have a perfect result that you can find at the vintage bathroom. The use of calming color can help you to have calming sensation inside of your bathroom, that must be relaxing and comforting for you. There is a lot of people having the best result after using this design.

The Soaking Tub

by Jillian Aimis Architect

The soaking tub was sourced from Wetstyle. The wall tiles are 12×24″. They are Marble—Mare Bianco from Stone Tile.(via Jillian Aimis Architect)

The Wall and Floor Tile

by Kalu Interiors

The wall and floor tile is Calcutta marble, polished, from Ames Tile in Vancouver. The towel warmer above the tub is from Kartners. The fireplace is from Dynasty Fireplaces 79″ Built-In. The fireplace surround is a mosaic series from Lunada Bay called Mu Basket Weave in Chocolate Oak. (via Kalu Interiors)

Minimalist Attic Master Bathroom

source Homestratosphere.com

Master bathrooms don’t all have to be luxurious. This stark, minimalist attic master bathroom, found on Homestratosphere, is still functional, but without any fluff at all.

The only rest from the white is the sink vanity, which is a natural medium wood color. The rest is all stark, shiny, sterile white. Sharp angles complement the angled wall.

This style is definitely not for everyone, but for those who love minimalism, this is a great example.

Rustic Master Bathroom

by Zillow

Rustic doesn’t have to mean unfinished. In the case of this traditional master bathroom, found on Zillow, rustic means full of charm.

Notice the two-story height ceiling with exposed wood, reclaimed wood drop-in tub, and what seems like tinted concrete flooring. The walk-in shower at the back uses natural stone in a neutral shade. The elongated chandelier is an especially good choice given the shape of this room!

French Style Master Bathroom

by G. P. Schafer

The most daring style choice in this master bathroom by G.P. Schafer is the mirror installed in the window. But the reason why that works is because the window is quite large and lets in plenty of light, and the mirror doesn’t block much of it.

Add to that the French doors leading into the space, as well as the large area in front of the vanity, and you have a beautiful, spacious, stylish master bathroom.

The Wall Color

by La Casa Builders

The wall color is a custom plaster finish done by Hopper Finishes in Scottsdale. (via La Casa Builders)

The Bench was a Custom Design

source Zone4Architects.com

The bench was a custom design/fabrication. The shower finishes were constructed to support the glass. The shower is approximately 5’3″ x 5’3″.  The mirrors above the vanity are medicine cabinets made by a company called Robern. The floor assembly has a roughly 1.5″ thin slab concrete subfloor above the plywood subfloor which houses radiant heat tubes. (via Zone 4 Architects).

Most of the master bathroom ideas would have their characteristic. That is why you need to make sure if you can have a new approach to apply. Most of the pictures above can show you a new inspiration to create the best master bathroom design. You can always use your creativity to improvise a new concept.