35 Kids Play Area Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied for Hours

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Maybe it is the first time for you to think about your kids play area. If you are having a kid, it means that you need to give something the best for them. There must be a lot of things that you need to consider when talking about design and concept. You need to find the best examples that you can apply to your garden.

Some people who have a large area at their house will try to provide a vast play area for their children. It depends on you, whether you want to have a large or small play area. The most important is thinking about the design that you are going to apply, that can make your children feel happy.

Except to think about the design, you need to make sure that you can keep the play area safe for your children. There is a lot of examples that you can apply for your children play area. The use of different design and concept is vital to find an ideal style with perfect decoration for your children.

Hopscotch Stepping Stones

source : readbetweenthelimes

Your children need a place to explore, and they would need time to know their surrounding. All you need to do is providing a place for them to explore. You can try to use an outdoor location to provide the best place for your children to explore their surrounding.

Tyres Defining Play Area

source pin.it

The existence of children in your house can make your life perfect. Most people will have a different perspective when you want to have a new place for your children. One of the essential things in your life is to provide something to make your children happy by creating the best place for them to play.

Make a PVC Pipe Kiddie Car Wash

source craftymorning

Outdoor play is one of the best options for your children. There will always be a great result after creating an outdoor game. Your children can become more active than before, to know their surroundings and ready to compete. The use of the first water concept can help you to have the best design.

Art + Outdoors = Artdoorsy

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You do not need to buy expensive furniture to create the best kids play area. The picture above shows you, creating a small blackboard can be the best idea for you. The use of blackboard play can be perfect for your children to increase their creativity when they are playing.

Make a Music Wall

source prekandksharing

It would be great if your children imagination can be applying in their kids’ play area. The use of a small wooden wall can help you to provide your kids with the best place to play, especially if you can have new equipment to prepare for the best playing tools for your children.


by elaine benisano

The blue theme for a playground must be the best idea. That is why there is a lot of people using blue color for their children room. You can use this color for your boy’s place that must be perfect. It must be ideal if you can combine with another calming color.


Joshua McHugh

It is not a wrong idea if you can have charming kids play area by using one color option. The picture above shows you a great example, by using red color for most of the furniture. You can also try to use the same concept with the image above by using other color options.


Marks & Frantz

Your kid’s bedroom should be their favorite place for spending their time. Applying a unique bedroom style to create a playroom for your kid is one of the best ideas. Checking for the best examples must be the best idea that you can do, and you can have an excellent choice from the picture above.


Joanna Bradford

There is a lot of on-budget design that you can try to use for your kid’s play room. One of the most important things that you need to prepare is choosing for a great wallpaper design. The picture above shows you a great map that you can have, for the excellent wallpaper style for a unique playroom.


one king lane

Believe it or not, the use of vintage style is one of the best concepts for a playroom. If you can use a calming design for the playroom, your kid must be comfortable to spend their time. They would need the right place to make sure that they can have a perfect time to explore.

A tent for camping indoors

Image: evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images

You can try to create a small tend in your kid’s bedroom. It must be a great idea that you can apply if you can create good manage. Every people has their desire to have a perfect design for a playroom. Most people will try to make sure about the use of the lighting concept.

Places to be active

Image: Gelmold/Getty Images

If you have a lot of budgets that you can use to create an excellent playroom area, the use of a large room can be better. The picture above shows you an example, and you can have a playroom by using a considerable area that must be colorful for your kids to explore.

Furry Friends

Image: PeopleImages/Getty Images

It will be a huge deal if you have kids under five years old. That is why considering the best playroom area must be fantastic for your kid. There is a lot of examples that you can have if you want to have an excellent design for a great playroom.

A place to lie down and rest

Image: BenAkiba/Getty Images

The use of blue color is identic with boys room. However, you can try to use your creativity when you need to create the best playroom for a baby girl. The picture above shows you great kids playroom that you can have in your house, as the best place to explore for your kid.


Images: Kot63/Getty Images

The use of peach color is one of the best options to create. There is a lot of people using a colorful design for their bedroom and playroom area. You can always have a great result after using a new refreshing color for your children room. That must be comforting for them to stay.

Kitchen with a play corner

Photo credit @ Green Wedding Shoes

Maybe you already know what your children like to do. It is the right time for you to have an excellent design for your children room. You can always have a great result by using a simple color option and furniture design. The use of small table can help your kids to have an excellent place to spend their time.

Art studio

Photo credit @ Juju Zozo

Letting your kids explore their creativity is one of the best ideas to do. There is always be a significant movement from your kid when they can explore and do anything that they like. The use of chalk paint in their playroom is one of the best ideas that you can do to provide the best activity.

Kid’s gym: Climbing wall and monkey bar

Photo credit @ Hello Baby Brown

It would never get fails if you can provide your kid a playroom consist of useful furniture. The use of real playing room that is having the same concept with reality is one of the best ideas. That is why you need to make sure that you can have a good concept as the picture above.

Reading corner

Photo credit @ Chango & Co.

Changing your kid playroom area is one of the exciting activities that you can do together with your kid. There is a lot of options that you can do when you only have a small budget. The picture above shows you that the use of simple wall decoration can change a new design for your room.


A lovely playroom can be coming if you are already using a good concept. There is a lot of people consider the use of interior design, before applying a new theory for their kid’s room. Every people will try to give the best for their kids, to have a great time while exploring.

Backyard Construction Zone for Dramatic Play

Source: simplylauraleigh.com

There is a lot of people using the minimalist concept for everything in their house. That is why you can also create the same playing area as the picture above for your kid. It must be entertaining for you when you can create a great design the same with the image above.

Weatherproof Sandbox with Built-In Seats and Lid

Source: utahsadventurefamily.com

Letting your kid play in a dirty area is one of the best ideas. Most people are saying that when they want to know if their kids can have a great time to explore. You need to make sure that you do not have everything that is forbidden for your kids.

Outdoor Play Space that Sparks Curiosity and Adventure

Source: loveandrenovations.com

Your kids must have a lot of inspiration in their head. That is why providing the best place for them to explore is one of the best ideas. There is a lot of people using a great example when they want to decorate a home for their kids to spend their times.

Intimate Up-cycled Sand Box with Removable Lid

Source: awesomesauceasshattery.com

If you see the picture above, you can find the best concept for your kid playing room. There is a lot of people having a great design by using this playing room area for their kid. Your kid can play in an excellent place to explore a lot of things in their mind.

Multi-Purpose Half Deck, Half Sand Box Play Area

Source: smallfriendly.com

Playing with sands is one of the best activities that your kid can do at home. There is a lot of people having a great result after creating a great model for their kid playing room. Every people have good creativity that they can do in their life, especially to create a good playroom.

DIY Outdoor Car Track

source niccolaontuesday

Leaving your kids in your garden is not always a bad idea. There is a lot of people having a good change in their backyard when they can have the right playing area. The use of sands playing field is one of the great options that you can have for a great design.

Backyard Play Area Ideas

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The miniature concept is a great design that you can apply. Every people who are using this concept always have a good plan at the end of decoration. You can let your children play in your backyard if you can use this design for your garden. That must be perfect and safe for your kid.


one kings lane

Another shot of Lucy Liu’s playroom shows off a sweet tent for children to hide out.



In Nate Berkus’ Manhattan penthouse, a wall of built-in bookshelves house family photos while toys are stowed in cabinetry underneath.


Juliet Photography

In designer Lauren Behfarin’s New York City playroom, she covered the walls and moldings in Benjamin Moore’s New York State Of Mind and chose a sofa that reflected the steel undertones in the room’s blue hue. This Restoration Hardware rugadded a playful appeal.

Wall decals

There are a number of things you can do to make your playroom very attractive for your children. Even though you can have all of the walls painted with bright colors, you can opt to have some of them (or all) with wall decals or wall stickers. There are a plethora of different patterns, with some specially adapted to children. In fact, your kids can help you choose one pattern they like.


Photo credit @ Mamma Line

One of the things that all playrooms have in common is several different, bright colors that make for a lively stimulating environment. This can be the starting point for your decor. However, what else can you do besides painting the walls yellow, red or green?

Organization tips

Photo credit @ Alicia @ Hudson & Harlow

If there is something that you will always need to do on a regular basis is to get rid of all that stuff that your kids just don’t use. Even if the area that you’re going to use for the playroom is big, you can be sure that things will tend to accumulate.

Sooner or later, you’ll need to start purging stuff and getting rid of it. So, why not start fresh? After all, you already need to sort out the things you want to place in there.

Table and chairs for kids

Photo credit @ Bloggaibagis

So, with this said, you also need to have a table and some chairs specially designed for kids. These usually tend to have bright, appealing colours.

You need to make sure they use of material that you are going to apply for the playroom. Everything will depend on your imagination and desire to create the best design. The use of kids plays area is one of the best things to decorate in your house, to make sure your children can feel happy at home.



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